Gereon Lepper 2006 - HOCH AM WIND (‘Hard on the wind’)

HOCH AM WIND (‘Hard on the wind’)

H 11 m / W 7.5 m / D 7.5 m
Lippeufer Lünen, Stiftung für Kulturpflege der Sparkasse Lünen

The sculptural group of Hoch am Wind is composed of three similar individual sculptures. Each is a system which responds kinetically to the wind. A sail, in an oblique position relative to the centre of the swivelling construction, gives way in a forward motion to any pressure from wind, seeking the path of least resistance until, at a certain angle, wind forces striking it from the front and the side are in equilibrium. In this position, the system is in an active state of ‘sailing hard on the wind’, in contrast to a vane, which always aligns its surface passively with the wind pressure. If the wind turns, the equilibrium of forces collapses and the system finds stability in a new position. The conspicuous colouring highlights the crucial function of the sail at the interface of engineering and natural forces. The serial arrangement of the system creates the impression that the exciting spectacle of a regatta is taking place between the individual elements.

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