Gereon Lepper 2001 - SCHWARZE WITWEN [Black widows]

SCHWARZE WITWEN [Black widows]

H 2.5 m / W 4.5 m / D 4.5 m
Kunstverein Lingen

Between two aluminium rings, two rubber membranes are screwed in place. Into the upper membrane an aluminium piston is pressed, which, via joints, is connected to a three-legged rod system fastened moveably to the aluminium rings and resting on wheels. By means of the supply of compressed air the membranes are expanded like balloons. At the same time, the piston transmits the expansion to the rod system and a slow, jerky upward movement of the spider-like sculpture is produced. Electron-ic cut-out of the compressed air supply interrupts the movement. The air escaping through a simultaneously opening valve allows the spider to slowly sink back into its original state. With the help of the compressors actuated at different intervals, new constellations of the objects moving up and down constantly arise.

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© Gereon Lepper, 2015


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