Gereon Lepper 2001 - SYSIPHOS 2001


H 2.2 m / W 2.0 m / D 2.6 m
Atelier Hattingen

Two metal drums filled with lead ingots are axially connected by a shaft. The shaft is mounted so as to be movable, i.e. on two ball bearings, on a vertical steel section frame, and is turned very slowly by a reduction gear motor. As the weight of the lead ingots shifts, the entire construction, resting on arched rockers, inclines in the direction of rotation until the ingots raised up in the drums are in equilibrium with the overall centre of gravity of the steel construction. While the sculpture is arrested in its motion, the driver plates raise the lead ingots still higher until they tumble at last. Owing to the now altered distribution of weight, the whole construction swings back towards its original vertical position. The 'crashes' in the two drums never occur at the same time but exercise a reciprocal influence. They are accompanied by thundering noises.

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© Gereon Lepper, 2015


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